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Jewish Sperm Donor
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:39:56
This was in response to an ad looking for Jewish egg donors (wtf?)
Timmy Tucker to *********


My name is Mordecai Davidsteinberg and I saw your ad looking for donors. I would gladly help. I blow hearty loads of jew cum every day and would love to see my nut blossom into a beautiful little jew. A little bit about myself: I am an avid jew. I only eat kosher food and I regularly visit the synagogue. I assure you that my sperm is 100% Israeli.

I look forward to nutting in some hot jewish MILFS!

- Mordy
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jesus christ
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David Steinberg (2015-08-20 15:42:57)
So who is this schmuck and why did he write my name?
Jessicaseit (2015-03-23 17:54:09)
Hello, guys! This plot is strange to me. I be suffering with never tried such things, so I donít in actuality know what to write. AnywayÖ Iím Jessica. Iím fasten on and I believe lone and abandoned. I would like to meet an interesting and brainy fello
Toby (2013-11-21 23:32:31)
I cannot Nazi the humor in that joke
Joe Schmoe (2013-08-10 13:54:42)
Anne Frankly, I don't wanna hear any more jokes about the holocaust!
Scottomatic (2013-07-25 05:27:34)
No matter how "hearty" the "loads of jew cum" are they will still not contain eggs.
anonymous (2013-04-21 16:52:05)
In response to "This was in response to an ad looking for Jewish egg donors (wtf?)" the reasons they are looking for Jewish egg donors is because by Jewish law, Judaism is passed down through the mother, and cannot be passed down through the fath
Scoot (2013-04-12 14:21:20)
Judaism is a religion, not a race. Wow. Some people's kids.
buttlicker (2013-03-24 04:34:27)
Favourite movie: Lost in Translation Favourite video game: Journey Queensland, Australia 22 years old
T. (2013-03-18 14:31:58)
@The Voice of Reason: I feel obliged to inform you that Jewish is actually a race. So the term racism could actually be used here, though that's bullshit too, because this is clearly a joke.
JxHx (2013-03-18 06:37:25)
"Jesus Christ, Jews. Relax it's a joke. Don't you have more important things to worry about like stopping your Israeli government from trying to annex the Palestinians? Jesus." PURE GOLD LOL
The Voice of Reason (2013-03-17 18:20:57)
Just a reminder that Jewish is not a race. Racist doesn't apply here. =D
anon (2013-03-10 16:57:08)
I lost it when i read "Shalom!"
George (2012-09-22 03:34:35)
Jesus Christ, Jews. Relax it's a joke. Don't you have more important things to worry about like stopping your Israeli government from trying to annex the Palestinians? Jesus.
LOL (2012-09-15 17:19:33)
It is just a joke do not take it seriously jeez
benn (2012-07-29 03:30:16)
Nice reply!
Nobody (2012-07-19 19:34:21)
lol mordecai like borderlands
Captain Pimp (2012-07-05 01:30:07)
Matt from Brooklyn (2012-07-03 10:01:30)
your the man ... JEW MILFS ... Valid
DarkSoftPetals (2012-06-23 07:46:57)
Mordecai Davidsteinberg!! ROFLMAO ... Crying with laughter!
hey kostas kavistas (2012-05-16 00:42:31)
fuck you,you racist fuck
anony (2012-04-09 04:49:38)
I know Ari Riekes. He did not post here. The owner of this website used his name on here. Wtf dude!
Kostas Kakavitsas (2012-03-16 09:25:21)
For some unknown reason I found myself reading this in an indian accent.
PlotVitalNPC (2012-03-05 20:40:49)
The ad this was in response to would actually be a result of Jewish religious law, you are only Born a member of the Jewish religion if your mother is Jewish. Converting is supposedly a major pain in the ass. I know all of this from research I do randomly
Cool Jew (2012-02-09 23:08:47)
Hilarious post, some of the comments were pretty asshole, however.
Sheeny curse (2012-02-09 02:33:29)
asdf (2012-02-06 23:53:30)
They just think they are better than everyone else!
asdf (2012-02-06 23:51:44)
Poor jews. Always whining! Call us all kinds of names but never say anything against them! U suck!
Ben (2012-02-04 16:16:43)
Aren't hate posts illegal?
Jew (2012-02-03 10:21:45)
Calm down u fuckin heebs this shit is funny
whatever (2012-01-14 10:05:10)
This isn't funny! I see you are using names of innocent people. Bullshit!
Fon (2012-01-12 04:31:15)
I love how in the heading his name is still Timmy Tucker
Indigo (2012-01-03 13:10:12)
rolfmao Mordecai Davidsteinburg
HILARIOUS (2011-12-17 11:36:01)
All you kikes need to calm down. Its a joke, and a damn funny one at that.
anonymous (2011-12-14 23:24:40)
This is ridiculous!
asdf (2011-11-27 22:19:41)
you pussy ass bitch
Ari Riekes (2011-11-26 00:20:16)
I am not a jew and an asshole.
Dennis (2011-10-05 15:42:29)
Davidsteinberg XD, awesome.
Ben (2011-09-22 03:33:11)
Ahh....ok, but didn't hit the spot
Buck Tuddrussel (2011-08-30 14:51:33)
Davidsteinberg lol
@@darksaint fag (2011-08-03 18:24:55)
shut up u fag
@Jew before Swallowi (2011-08-03 18:22:42)
that is a funny name!!!
Wilburn (2011-07-29 05:06:57)
Hot jewish MILFs ftw?
@Darksaint SaurfangE (2011-07-11 17:36:27)
This is not a fucking sex site. Fuck off.
Darksaint SaurfangEU (2011-06-27 16:43:06)
I'd love to suck a jew penis :)
Big Sexy (2011-06-27 16:42:08)
Matthew Wymer Loves jew cum
Jew Before Swallowin (2011-05-25 00:58:18)
I don't have anything to add. I just thought of this awesome funny name and wanted to post it.
AAARARA (2011-04-30 19:47:38)
idiots (2011-04-28 05:29:01)
the 6 ppl below me are idiots >.> and nikke of course
twat (2011-04-23 04:05:21)
Oh I get it now, Sorry. My bad
beh (2011-04-22 12:47:10)
@beh shutup you godamn cunt
beh (2011-04-20 17:10:38)
@ twat are you a fucking moron? he was backing you up
TImmmaH (2011-04-10 02:56:01)
twat (2011-04-08 14:34:46)
@Lord Shut the fuck up fag
Lord (2011-04-04 22:13:59)
@twat I think he did, dude. It got cut off.
Haineko (2011-03-25 09:29:24)
Mordecai Davidsteinberg > Priceless name.
twat (2011-03-21 20:40:50)
@nikke how bout you just repost the whole email for us. we can read dude
Jman (2011-03-21 18:39:57)
Lol, a gold ad on the side. this site just doesn't stop, does it?
nikke (2011-02-24 15:30:14)
OMG this was so funny: :----------DDDDD " This was in response to an ad looking for Jewish egg donors (wtf?) Timmy Tucker to ********* Shalom! My name is Mordecai Davidsteinberg and I saw your ad looking for donors. I would gladly help. I bl
anonymous (2011-02-16 04:25:52)
wow almost choked on my jewish nut from laughing too hard.. or something...
Krizzly (2011-02-12 21:57:04)
hahahaha Hot Jewish MILFs! xD
bootybootybootybooty (2011-01-27 01:05:23)
Rockin everywhere
JEWISH CUM LOVA (2011-01-20 18:10:24)
OMIGAWD I WANT SUM PLZ i bet its tasty lol jk
LEon (2010-12-29 12:51:57)
I take it back. I love this one!
LEON (2010-12-29 12:51:47)
I take it back. I love this one!
cartman (2010-12-22 20:53:08)
Kyles moms a bitch
Chelsea (2010-12-12 11:28:16)
I couldn't help but read this is a hebrew accent.
anon (2010-12-09 01:59:28)
funniest one ive ever read omg im crying
Jew bitch ass mother (2010-12-08 23:07:23)
Drink my Jew sperm bitch
SCREWDA JEW (2010-12-01 01:54:06)
roflmao (2010-11-29 20:52:02)
I stopped reading at the name. ha ha oh wow
anonymous (2010-11-17 21:30:40)
"I assure you that my sperm is 100% Israeli." LMFAO. I almost choked on my dinner.
anonymous (2010-11-09 00:16:04)
Hi, I'm Larry Blankfien. My manchowder may prove useful, we're not talkin boybutter. I was bangin on my Jewish, calculator and I think I can swing you a deal if it's a thick, kosher meatpole your needing. Have a quality day.
brokenseeker (2010-11-08 23:46:13)
Jewish heritage is traced by the mother's lineage. Hence the 'odd' request.
anon (2010-11-08 16:43:45)
hahaha hearty loads of jew cum fuck anyone who didnt like this
anonymous (2010-11-08 09:01:41)
Barry Rosenstein's world famouse manchouder.
anonymous (2010-10-21 17:13:59)
LEon (2010-10-21 14:43:15)
weakest one I read so far...
anonymous (2010-09-26 18:39:35)
When I read "hot Jewish MILFS", all I could imagine was Kyle's mom from South Park.
i didnt know! (2010-09-21 18:49:55)
Thanks natty, you just crushed my faith in our education system. what is your profesion? "male gamete" dumpster? fucking tool, even brittney spears gets this shit
TruthTeller (2010-09-18 16:48:04)
Holy f**k "hot jewish MILFS" i sh*t my pants
Actually (2010-09-09 15:13:30)
Jewish can mean a Semitic race or the religion. As a race, Jews trace their roots to Abraham the Hebrew, so they are Technically Hebrew; as a race,they have been commonly called "Jews"
lort (2010-09-08 05:27:26)
judaism is a race and religion.
SS (2010-09-06 08:10:23)
Your all idiots....Judaism is a is not can have a Irish mom and a chink dad and still practice Judaism This is ment to be funny not Real
uhh yeah (2010-08-29 03:45:45)
donating sperm is against the 613 mizvot, as is 'ejaculating' outside the vagina. this would be funny if it made any sense.
john adams (2010-08-22 16:05:38)
fuck jews and fuck you your all niggers !!!!!!!!!!!
ReaganCriedWolf (2010-08-19 09:41:15)
"I blow hearty loads of jew cum every day" L. O. FUCKING. L.
ANON (2010-07-27 22:17:26)
looks like natty broke out his mom's encyclopedias
anonymous (2010-07-26 06:37:46)
ROFL, friggin hilarious... and Natty, stfu, we don't need a bio lesson, it's a joke, he meant to put sperm. Good job, "Mordy"!
Love this site (2010-07-23 00:15:39)
Natty ur an idiot. And someone spelled holocaust wrong.
Anon (2010-07-22 15:03:31)
Natty I believe you missunderstood the joke... have you read the surogate father email? this one is just like it.
Natty (2010-07-21 01:02:27)
You fail at biology. Sperm is not an egg - sperm are a smaller, more mobile gametes. Unless you're algae, sperm is the male gamete, and eggs are the female gamete. Just because sperm is a gamete and egg is a gamete does not mean that a sperm is an egg
reading banner ads (2010-07-20 04:56:27)
anonymous (2010-07-19 22:51:21)
@Malliebe, You fucking retarded, sperm is an egg.
JEW EGG DONOR REASON (2010-07-16 02:35:50)
jewish lineage is passed down through the mom. so if you want to have little jewish babies through in vitro fertilization, the egg donor needs to be jewish. if the eggs aren't from a jewish woman, technically the baby won't be jewish. that's w
lolwut? (2010-07-07 02:35:15)
lol, the ad for this page is for meeting jewish singles! LOL
Malliebe (2010-06-29 10:59:02)
The ad was for jewish EGG donors not jewish SPERM donors. Idiot.
No (2010-06-28 21:50:21)
Response to Cha Boi.. shut up, you're making the rest of us vegans look bad, PETA is not your friend!
GGGGG (2010-06-28 13:09:09)
I was laughing so hard I had to leave my desk so the man wouldn't know I wasn't working!
haha (2010-05-26 17:29:45)
I look forward to nutting in some hot jewish MILFS!
neilskee (2010-05-25 22:30:32)
this is my fav...."I blow hearty loads of jew cum every day and would love to see my nut blossom into a beautiful little jew." Funny as fuck.....lmfao for days..."I am an avid jew" is an avid jew???
Shavedcunt (2010-05-14 01:54:40)
Who uses the word sperm!
Shavedcunt (2010-05-14 01:54:38)
Who uses the word sperm!
Name (2010-05-05 20:02:12)
"Mordecai Davidsteinberg." Lol, very nice.
Yoshimano (2010-04-28 18:38:57)
Only had to read the "Shalom" introduction to burst into laughter! The rest was epic too :)
Shylock (2010-04-26 01:18:43)
Shalom, Dis be shylok homie. Ma nish ma? where the jewz at?
another jew (2010-04-25 00:41:38)
i think it didn't get any response cuz it was from timmy tucker
LMAO (2010-04-23 01:45:11)
I couldn't get past the name without laughing so hard i almost cried. hahaha
kdog (2010-04-18 22:33:35)
lol this is awesome. but just to inform you, people advertise for jewish egg donors if they want their child to be jewish. obviously if the egg is jewish, then the kid will be, since judaism is passed through the mother.
anonymous (2010-04-11 03:12:47)
Great website, funny your getting trolled by people claiming to be non troll while reading a website all about trollig. All you people bitching about the content need to leave the website. Fucktards
Trae (2010-04-07 23:38:15)
The guy is obviously a troll.
Rude Boy (2010-03-30 09:16:43)
Cha Boi: Get the fuck outta here, you pussy. Vegans are offensive.
JYD (2010-03-22 16:37:30)
well, if you're a vegan, maybe you shouldn't be here instead of being a little bitch about how this is offensive. have some veal, it'll calm you down
Cha Boi (2010-03-12 01:28:52)
1. I'm a practicing vegan and I find some of these emails very offensive. 2. The funniest part about this one is how his email is from Timmy Tucker, and says it's from some jewy heeb jewbag,
vernon marsh (2010-03-10 13:14:14)
It's not all that funny when the person doesn't respond to you. Maybe you shouldn't post it unless it get's a reply. Just a thought.
To To Kim (2010-03-08 22:36:18)
You obviously aren't old enough to know that 'egg' doesn't mean 'seed', 'seed' is semen which fertilizes (or 'seeds') an 'egg'. You also use 'this shit' too much, 'retard'.
I_Kill_Nazis (2010-03-01 13:45:52)
To Kim (2010-02-25 22:01:27)
you obviously aren't old enough to know what 'egg' means. Also means 'seed'?
Kim (2010-02-19 20:34:04)
This one was dumb. She asked for egg donors and you offer sperm?
anonymous (2010-02-16 05:53:18)
Holy shit wow
Dita (2010-02-15 21:43:49)
So wrong that it is my new favorite thing.
Befifgierrg (2010-02-14 12:54:04)
Oh my god that's brilliant. Nutting some hot jewish milfs!
Shy (2010-02-14 11:02:29)
Are you really not ashamed to have this things written on your site?: "FUCK JEW! (2010-01-07 21:00:03) AUSCHWITZ WAS A GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jew-hater (2010-01-04 16:03:09) Go fuck yourself Israeli bastard Zionist piece of shit! Hope you
Rebecca (2010-02-13 16:55:44)
Why are you people commenting idiotic and ridiculous posts to such a funny website. I have a feeling it's because it's guys are super cool........
G-D (2010-02-13 01:33:10)
Why are you looking here? The joke's in your pants.
no (2010-02-03 12:19:00)
heil hitler
BONBON (2010-01-26 22:10:16)
funny unfortunately no response.. u could have also said I killed millions of innocent Palestinian kids and stole their land and named it Israel and said it belonged to the jews!
lol @ Rabbi Hyman (2010-01-25 15:18:01)
That was my rabbi's name when I was a kid.
lol @ Rabbi Hyman (2010-01-25 15:16:20)
That was my rabbi's name when I was a kid.
PWNAGE (2010-01-23 20:44:44)
Most of these are hilarious dude.. but this one I resent... My grandfather died in Auchwitz, he fell out of the gun tower =(
ash (2010-01-23 11:09:41)
I'm not jew, but this just ain't funny!
olbay (2010-01-23 00:55:07)
my sperm is so juicy, want to try some? come to 999 ilovefucking str sexville.
der fuhrer (2010-01-15 05:56:49)
shut up kike
A jewish ppl (2010-01-13 18:58:17)
Holy fucking shit. They r some of the stupidest comments ive ever read on this page. God! Dont act like you know about Jewish people unless you are one!
mike (2010-01-08 21:00:35)
@jew hater dude. just. give up. it's alright though, i'll be laughing when you're burning in hell!
Mike (2010-01-08 20:59:13)
I think this ad wne to far. it wasnt particularly funny, though i'm not really offended, as he was clearly joking. I am, however, horrified by the anti semetic comments here. Seriously guys, that's just fucked up. JEW DOES NOT EQUAL FROM ISRAEL!!
FUCK JEW! (2010-01-07 21:00:03)
AUSCHWITZ WAS A GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jew-hater (2010-01-04 16:03:09)
Go fuck yourself Israeli bastard Zionist piece of shit! Hope your grandparents burned in an oven!
WHTrunner (2010-01-01 20:42:50)
"I blow hearty loads of jew cum every day and would love to see my nut blossom into a beautiful little jew." ROFL! It took me 5 tries to get past the "hearty loads of jew cum" part. I almost pissed on my computer the third time throug
DWB (2010-01-01 12:20:20)
"I blow hearty loads of jew cum every day and would love to see my nut blossom into a beautiful little jew" OMG that's funny!
Gaithersburg (2009-12-28 14:47:27)
My middle school Principle was named David Steinberg....big time jew
BOOM (2009-12-22 12:12:28)
Effing Epic! Mordecai Davidsteinberg! I peed myself, just a little when I read this! I'm on the West Coast, and I think I wanna start doing these ads over here and sending you what I get.
Ben DoverPhil Mabutt (2009-12-22 12:10:10)
LOL! Dude....instant classic....Shalom!....You forgot to mention that you will bang the Jew MILFS with your "circumsized" schlonger!
jew boy (2009-12-20 17:38:15)
Zionist bastard
Idiots (2009-12-06 23:52:37)
Apparently somebody didn't realize that sperm and eggs are completely opposite...
HAIM (2009-12-05 18:36:36)
I am 100 percent jew. I want to cum on you now.
The Kidd (2009-12-04 13:56:48)
Haha! Would've loved to see them reply on this one...
Dr. Seuss (2009-11-30 18:02:17)
Jew rhymes with poo
johnnydiesel (2009-11-27 19:19:39)
im at work and i had to staple my finger to the desk to keep from laughing out loud. lmfao
notajew (2009-11-20 19:24:44)
saying "i'm a jew and cried from laughing so hard" is as dumb as asking for jewcum.
Kat (2009-11-20 12:36:36)
Oh my God, that was so hilarious.
Eli (2009-11-01 22:35:50)
I'm a Jew and I cried from laughing so hard...
anonymous (2009-10-30 06:16:19)
"even though there was no response this is the hardest ive laughed while reading these" DITTO.
MBII (2009-10-29 17:15:07)
Blah (2009-09-20 22:24:48) SAYS: "Newer ones are better. Resorts to stereotypes, just lazy, and don't hate on the Jews, this one was just in bad taste." Please explain to me how he's hating on jews? he wants to bang one for Gods sake..
NY (2009-10-19 00:00:42)
even though there was no response this is the hardest ive laughed while reading these
Quellie (2009-10-11 20:34:03)
omfg i practically peed my pants laughing !! lmao !! haha.
Reuben Hershowitz (2009-10-01 08:42:25)
This was fucking hilarious. Stfu pc police.
@ Blah (2009-09-21 04:43:57)
This is the odd weak early email. Most of the early ones are the funniest. This one is the odd one out.
Blah (2009-09-20 22:24:48)
Newer ones are better. Resorts to stereotypes, just lazy, and don't hate on the Jews, this one was just in bad taste.
O.O (2009-09-19 20:24:12)
dirtygirl420 (2009-09-18 19:55:40)
I am laughing way too hard at my desk right now.. Right on.
epicfail (2009-09-13 03:11:22)
"ww (2009-07-03 19:04:04) rotfl i know a black dude with the name Mordecai" That was Malacai from 'save the last dance' you idiot.
Borat (2009-09-12 08:43:19)
watch out for the jew egg!!
Howard (2009-09-08 18:56:42)
Anyone posting comments on here not relating to how hilarious these emails are should just shut the fuck up. It pains me to know that such retarded people visit the same sites as me.
uber pwnage (2009-09-04 00:02:25)
Gimpy (2009-09-03 00:48:37)
lol, Mordecai Davidsteinberg
Britt (2009-08-31 14:18:47)
Ironic is Retarded and Davidsteinberg: Ironic was not saying you spelled "retarded" wrong, he was pointing out that you spelled "ad" wrong. It's only one "d" when used as an abbreviation for advertisement, as Jonny pointed out
Jonny (2009-08-28 23:31:04)
No he "didn't" that is how you spell it when referring to an advertisement because the word advertisement isn't spelled with two "d's". Am I right or am I right?
rose (2009-08-21 09:17:36)
you spelled "ad" wrong
davidsteinberg (2009-08-18 14:24:39)
yeah, wtf? who posted that trying to correct my perfect spelling? 'ironic' sounds dumb enough to respond to one of mike's emails.
Nina (2009-08-17 23:47:24)
Duncan<3(Just for being cool!) I didn't like this one.
ironic is retarded (2009-08-17 02:10:25)
I'm pretty sure Ironic is the most retarded thing on this page for trying to correct someone who was right. He obviously suffers from some form of mental retardation.
Ironic (2009-08-16 01:21:10)
I do not know what is more retarded, the ad... or the guy below me commenting on how its 'retarded' and spelling the word wrong.. hahaha
Davidsteinberg (2009-08-10 19:31:52)
i like this one simply because it's so out there. the person was pretty retarded for posting an add for jew eggs. mike's tone was obviously to seem like a non jew pretending to be a jew and they weren't even asking for sperm!
groan (2009-08-07 12:29:37)
this one was not good at all, they're better when they're subtle and not over the top...
Goldfish (2009-08-06 00:18:08)
@WOW - If you are going to call people retarded, at least spell it right. This was hilarious. Mordecai Davidsteinberg, i salute you.
LOLOL (2009-07-31 17:33:38)
lol so fucking funny
MRLFBRS (2009-07-31 13:14:53)
Davidsteinberg FTW!!!!!!
lol (2009-07-31 05:05:31)
the name was fucking hilarious
Adolf (2009-07-28 20:23:18)
The Jews weren't all bad. They just denied my loan application and I had a really bad day that day.
Rabbi Hyman (2009-07-26 18:22:43)
Shalom, Mordecai! My "synagogue" would be glad to accept your generous donation. If you could meet me there, I should have some room to store it somewhere in the rear.
anonymous (2009-07-24 22:17:19)
Icalasari - thats what i tell people o.o however i doubt anyone here believes in mythical dragons or unicorns
@tojulie (2009-07-24 09:46:16)
You are so retarded it's stunning. Jews live all over the world and the term "Jew" means someone of the Jewish faith - Judaism - and not a Jewish race (which does not exist).
WOW (2009-07-23 23:38:08)
your all retarted jews have their own religion and race jews do not come from isreal they come from everywhere jerusalem is a city in isreal and has many different sections for different religions also jews are the chosen ones and you all can suck it
Hitler (2009-07-23 12:28:53)
Jews kill whales!
Icalasari (2009-07-17 21:53:43)
Casey: Jesus WAS a Jew >.>
m (2009-07-16 15:24:14)
i thought this was a waste of time....
Israel (2009-07-15 13:33:48)
I have enought Jew cum for all you fuckers.
DirtyBurger (2009-07-15 12:57:43)
JEWS DID 9/11!
Casey (2009-07-13 13:48:00)
jews killed baby jesus!
fuk u (2009-07-13 11:07:16)
fuk u
lameyjamie (2009-07-12 02:57:09)
i love how you portray the parts of not only a horny jew but also the part of an 'avid jew'. You deserve to have a jew baby.
Emo (2009-07-11 04:30:52)
Kip, you should really be offended more by the bacon than these comments if you want to be a Jew.
anonymous (2009-07-11 01:01:16)
Hitler (2009-07-10 01:43:41)
Hey, dp, you are an utter, utter twat. Nobody cares what you think.
hanlin (2009-07-09 17:27:39)
dp what the hell are you talking about? what the hell does that have to do with a website about a guy who responds to ad's with hilarious commentary?
dp (2009-07-09 06:36:10)
i'll let it be known, i clicked on this one because i have seen several "Wanted: Jewish Egg Donors" ads on the internet. i wish there were more to this one because i personally find it hilarious that a Jew is being so racist, meanw
mb (2009-07-08 15:18:37)
who the fuck puts an ad out for jew cum?!...anyway, this is hilarious
Levi Larrington (2009-07-07 19:14:09)
Buddy, you are hilarious. Part Bloodninja, part Jerky Boy. I love it.
anonymous (2009-07-07 03:14:53)
none of you guys make sense. how the fuck is israel palestine when theyre flag is the fuckin star of david
Warpmind (2009-07-06 17:57:23)
Being a Jew, my thought was if your not Jewish and your impregnated by a Jewish sperm donor you'll become Jewish just by injection....
ww (2009-07-03 19:04:04)
rotfl i know a black dude with the name Mordecai
jewwy (2009-07-03 07:06:54)
idiots i tell you...israel is palestine, always has been. good job un. you fucked up.
anonymous (2009-06-26 19:44:34)
agree w/ dragon, davidsteinberg is the best last name ever
yo mammy (2009-06-26 07:04:42)
If you be a jew,and need a load, let me know.I look like Mike Huntstein.
mitch weisnteinberg (2009-06-25 17:09:02)
i am a hardcore orthodox jew, and this is the funniest thing i have ever seen!
Finch in my bitch (2009-06-25 15:15:00)
Finch needs to replace his twat with a sense of humor.
finch. (2009-06-22 19:57:34)
for anyone interested: it's funny because it asked for Jewish
MetronicDude (2009-06-22 11:08:50)
Who didn't like Jews?!? Did I miss something? Greetz from good ol' Germany
dragon (2009-06-21 16:40:04)
"Davidsteinburg" is the greatest last name ever
54 (2009-06-21 12:04:22)
Jewish didn't originate in Israel. Israel was where the UN stuffed all the Jews in because a lot of people didn't like them in their countries.
Duncan is a fag (2009-06-20 22:29:17)
Who the hell cares if they are a race or religion??? Just enjoy the damn joke...
W (2009-06-20 14:05:39)
Actually, Jew is the abbrevia
Jew MItsfa (2009-06-20 14:05:15)
Lmfao, dude this is my favoright one, i am jewish an loved it haha.
anonymous (2009-06-20 04:35:29)
@clayton (2009-06-20 01:13:01)
tojulie is right, dude.
tojulie. (2009-06-20 01:12:28)
no shit? jew = from jerusalem. jewish = religion.
Clayton (2009-06-20 00:52:54)
tojulie, you are wrong you are not Jewish if you come from Jerusalem, Judaism is not a nationality, it's a religion.
tojulie. (2009-06-19 20:12:16)
....jews come from Jerusalem. judaism is their religion.
Converted Jew (2009-06-19 18:39:53)
If everyone got offended e
Your mom (2009-06-19 18:14:22)
Priceless! Love this!
Kip (2009-06-19 17:33:40)
As someone who plans to convert to judaism eventually (once I can give up bacon) I am very offended by these comments
JulieisaDamnFool (2009-06-19 16:49:59)
Julie, you are beyond foolish. Judaism is a religion. period. Just like Christianity and hundreds of others.
Julie (2009-06-19 16:37:30)
Also: Have you never heard of "the Jewish race" (particularly referenced when talking about the holocaust. )
Julie (2009-06-19 16:36:07)
To Paoli Toa
jamie (2009-06-19 12:48:16)
lol no tipping and this might have been a winner
TB (2009-06-18 15:26:58)
'Mordecai' LOL
Nock (2009-06-18 11:46:43)
This one is the best off them all, I laughed for 5 minuets with tears running down my face. I almost shits myself from laughing so much! Thank you for this stuff.
johnnyp (2009-06-18 06:51:37)
LOL @ cumming in hot jew milfs FTW!!!
admin (2009-06-18 02:42:24)
yeah one of my friends was giving me shit for it, so I just did it to shut him up
malvaOO (2009-06-18 02:38:07)
I like how you took out the part about not tipping from the original post.
anonymous (2009-06-18 01:22:56)
lmao@ Mordy
Lmao (2009-06-17 16:58:42)
Fucking gold! hahaha
cds (2009-06-17 14:08:15)
dude, you're killin me! i'm laughing so hard i can barely breathe!!!
Paoli Toads (2009-06-17 13:28:19)
And the premise of this ad looking for egg donors, followed by a response offering sperm? Genius. Pure genius.
Paoli Toads (2009-06-17 13:25:31)
First off, Jewish isn't a race or nationality, it's a religion. Second, "I'm an avid Jew" may be the greatest line in this. Holy shit was this funny.
wtf bojangles (2009-06-17 00:28:53)
If you don't find this funny, you don't deserve it. Its not like you were part of lue anyway, so just shut up
bojangles (2009-06-16 20:26:22)
A lot of these articles are hit or miss. This article is fail. reason? to be honest, its childish. -i am not a jew or a christian
Crono (2009-06-14 05:26:32)
"Hearty loads of jew cum" is a phrase I'm going to start using more.
anonymous (2009-06-14 03:01:25)
You, sir, have a gift. I had tears literally rolling down my face at "jew cum".
Jew cum (2009-06-13 20:18:47)
Sarah (2009-06-13 04:21:34)
OMG! too funny!
De passage (2009-06-13 02:07:21)
Hahahaha this website is awesome!! You're so funny! Thank's for the good laughs :D:D
anonymous (2009-06-13 01:46:01)
I hate Israeli's!
Jew (2009-06-12 23:47:32)
To "anonymou
anonymous (2009-06-12 23:34:30)
this is NOT funny. you racist prick.
anonymous (2009-06-12 22:39:19)
thanks that was hilarious. i just read every single one and i love it
KE (2009-06-12 21:42:53)
These are so funny. These people need to be messed with. Thanks for the laughs.
WB (2009-06-12 19:15:56)
i have to agree with esther i have been reading these for the past 45min and you have brought me tears from laughter, please continue your an inspiration to us all
Esther (2009-06-12 16:13:32)
you're fucking crazy.. but they were so funy I just sat here and read through them all. You should continue with this
LOL (2009-06-12 13:10:05)
<b>LOLOL</b> <h2>I like this one!</h2>

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