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Comatose Grandma Sitter
Posted at: 2009-06-09 01:58:37
What a bitch!
Original ad:
hi there i am a 22 year old female babysitter looking for a job. i am available pretty much all the time so if you need someone to look after your kid, let me know!
From Timmy Tucker to **********@***********.org


I saw your ad about babysitting and am very interested. My grandmother is in the hospital and is probably going to die. She is never awake when I am there, and the doctors say she is only awake for about 5 minutes every couple of days. The problem is, I need her to sign a re-drafted will I wrote so I can get all of her stuff when she dies. Right now she has all of her money going to my bitch sister and her family. I don't have the time to sit there and watch her all day because I have better things to do. I need you to sit at the hospital and watch her in case she wakes up, and then make her sign the will. I will pay you $10 an hour for this job.



From *********** to Me

no thanks that is sick! show some sympathy you prick!

From Timmy Tucker to **********

Obviously I am not offering you enough money. I will pay you $15 an hour, but in return I need you to unplug her life support after you get her to sign the will.

From *********** to Me


From Timmy Tucker to **********

You clearly do not have the right mindset to enter the fast-paced industry of babysitting. I will find a babysitter that has a little bit more balls than you.

From *********** to Me

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Offucker (2014-06-09 03:02:20)
Shut up, stupid fucknuts. You made me like you. Shitstains.
?????? (2014-02-15 13:26:50)
This guys awesome
police (2013-08-10 15:12:30)
@anonymous 2 comments down. Stfu, hes fantastic
Chrysis (2013-06-23 14:14:18)
Fast-paced industry of babysitting OH GOD LOL
kimaru (2013-06-09 01:22:16)
i will look for a babysitter with more balls than you...haha,damn
anonymous (2013-03-09 01:25:44)
Ehh this guy is pretty amusing. I think he could do better sometimes, but whatever. Don't quit your day job, dude. I keep seeing comments saying he deserves his own no, he doesn't, it would be cancelled after one failed season.
cocoa puffz (2013-02-26 18:08:57)
ding dong peepee muncher
dicksucka (2013-02-26 18:08:35)
cocksucka plays hard ball
LZ (2013-02-25 10:19:05)
I would not only do this job happily, but I'd fuck the old lady for plug pulling compensation.
charger girl (2012-11-13 20:22:18)
They should make a show. You sir are great. Thank you. It may be out of line shit you say but i like that. Need more.
Scuba Steve (2012-11-09 22:23:30)
@DL Links or GTFO
DL (2012-10-09 11:23:09)
Jennifer, it is a true story, it appeared on a local journal after the babysitter alerted authorities.
Sandro (2012-08-31 02:06:41)
This is so great I click the ads to give him some support at no cost to me :D
Macken (2012-07-23 06:49:11)
you sir, are awesome! i havent laughed this much in days! thanx! i suggest u change the interface so that v can comment using our fb login :)
Dude (2012-07-04 02:35:25)
MBK u posted on the wrong email dude.
MBK (2012-06-18 07:46:36)
"Disregard anything I said about a tiger..." ROFLMFAO Muhahahahha
someoen (2012-06-17 20:33:50)
Wtf that is an awesome job, just sit there without really doing anything for 10 an hour??!
:-) (2012-06-17 15:46:44)
She is obviously an idiot, I would do that job.
Iron Man (2012-05-27 10:23:02)
he is really funny!!! dam very good with conversations, indulging people into very serious chat with hilarious comments.
anonymous (2012-05-03 16:44:52)
not one of your best works, didn't like this one
Reducer1 (2012-05-01 14:23:42)
Excellent verbal jousting once again.

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